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Consulting and Training

The manual therapists you employ are crucial to the success of your business. Symptoms and injury related to their physically-demanding work can lead to costly workers’ comp claims, absenteeism and turnover, and degrade morale and productivity. To help businesses retain their valuable workers and control costs, Save Your Hands!® offers a full range of injury prevention and ergonomics services in the U.S., Canada and worldwide that are specifically designed for manual therapists.


Experts Focused on Manual Therapists


Our team of experienced ergonomics and injury prevention specialists provides services ranging from staff training and ergonomics assessments of treatment spaces, to comprehensive, turn-key ergonomics/injury prevention solutions, using the proven methods described in Save Your Hands! The Complete Guide to Injury Prevention and Ergonomics for Manual Therapists, 2nd Edition. We have first-hand experience with the issues and challenges manual therapists experience in their work, and can help you design or retrofit your workplace to provide comfort and safety for therapists while also ensuring the best possible client experience. In fact, we are the only ergonomics consulting service in North America that works exclusively with manual therapists and the businesses that employ them.Experts Focused on Manual Therapists


Our primary ergonomics consultant is Richard W. Goggins, CPE, LMP. See Consultant/Author Biographies. We also have a team of highly-trained trainers (Certified Injury Prevention Instructors or "CIPIs") that can provide top-quality injury prevention training for massage therapists, bodyworkers and spa technicians in a number of locations in the U.S.  Find a CIPI in your area here.


Our clients include:
• clinics/hospitals/rehabilitation facilities
• group practices
• spas (day spas, resort spas, and medical spas)
• schools/professional training programs for massage therapists/bodyworkers, physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapists, hand therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, nurses, physicians, athletic therapists, and more.


"The on-site training was well-received by our massage therapists. They found the chance to practice and share techniques very valuable and useful in the clinic right away. Their awareness of the need and the various ways to protect themselves has been heightened."

Melanie A. Gulish, PT, MS, Mgr. of Education Programs, Apple Physical Therapy (23 locations)

We help our clients find cost-effective solutions to:
• help reduce or eliminate costly workers’ compensation claims and payment of wages during absence (as well as the cost of replacement workers), and the administrative time necessary to file paperwork
• decrease absenteeism and loss of productivity due to symptoms or injury
• enhance morale (workers feel appreciated, cared for and understood by their employer)
• minimize suffering and disability among workers due to injury (seeing co-workers get injured erodes morale)
• increase productivity
• limit liability and associated legal costs
• reduce staff turnover
• attract and retain the best treatment personnel by creating a healthy, caring work environment.


Services we provide to achieve these goals include:
• training for staff and management
• “Train the Trainer” sessions
• Seminars/talks on injury prevention
• Ergonomics assessment of treatment spaces, with recommendations for no-cost or low-cost changes to lower risk exposure. If desired, we can assist with implementation and measure results; we can also extend our assessment to include administrative offices or your entire facility, if desired
• Creation and implementation of a comprehensive ergonomics program for staff and management, with ongoing consultation and metrics to monitor progress.


All of our consulting services are customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.


Turn-Key Injury Prevention Solutions for Schools
A successful, career-long approach to injury prevention begins in school, when students acquire good work habits, healthy attitudes, and a thorough understanding of injury prevention. Save Your Hands!® offers schools a multifaceted turn-key solution to help them minimize risk exposure for students and prepare them for the demanding and rewarding profession that awaits them. We work closely with each school to develop an effective, self-sustaining, comprehensive injury prevention program. Using a train-the-trainer approach, we provide school staff with the necessary tools to integrate this program into their own, with follow-up and support available if desired. 

Benefits for schools include:
• Lowering the incidence of symptoms and injury among students
• Increasing students’ satisfaction with the program
• Enhancing the image of the school for potential students
• Limiting liability and associated legal costs.


Speaking & Presentations
Our instructors and CIPIs are available to speak at meetings and conferences of professional associations, schools or businesses about all aspects of injury prevention and ergonomics for manual therapists. Seminars, lectures and informal talks or roundtable discussions can be customized as needed. Topics include injury prevention and ergonomics for the individual practitioner, best practices for schools, clinics and spas, ergonomics considerations in the design of healthcare and spa facilities, an approach to teaching injury prevention and ergonomics in school programs, and creation of standards for the profession as a whole.


Contact Us
For more information about any of our ergonomics and injury prevention services, please contact us at 1-877-424-0994or by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .