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Journal of Associated Massage Therapists Ltd., Australia
"This book is so good it actually reviews itself … 'If this book does not help you prevent injuries as a manual therapist, nothing will.'… so says Steve Capellini, author and educator, who neatly sums up the merits of Save Your Hands! in a single statement. This book gets high marks for sheer comprehensiveness. You are bound to find a pearl of wisdom to suit your particular needs. Treats the therapist as a "whole" person and gives advice to span the entire career of the therapist."
Ergonomics Australia Journal Save Your Hands! 2nd Ed. is Eric Hoffer Award Finalist
"One of (the book's) strengths is that it offers value for the experienced OHS practitioner as well as an inexperienced member of the wider community. Ergonomists will appreciate the fact that it presents a holistic view of a person, task and environment … something that is not always appreciated by either busy medical practitioners or business management. Their book is well written and edited and is a desirable addition on the bookshelf of any health related professional. It is a cogent textbook for the health professional and an easy read for anyone interested in understanding the problem."
Advance for Physical Therapy
"Save Your Hands! is a valuable contribution to the manual therapy profession. This would be an important text for LMP, OT, PT, chiropractic and osteopathic students to read, so they can be proactive and not wait until injuries occur in their practice. It is difficult to find another whole text devoted to this topic and perhaps no other covers it so completely. Look at your hands. They are your tools and this book is an essential resource for protecting them."
Canadian Chiropractor
"Save Your Hands! 2nd Edition is an excellent book for chiropractors as well as other manual therapy practitioners.I’ve practiced chiropractic and researched ergonomic solutions to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) for over 20 years, and I find this book valuable for providing strategies that will help practitioners spare their bodies. Save Your Hands! could save a career and I highly recommend it to chiropractors." Read entire review online here
The Light Touch: AMTA-Montana Chapter Newsletter
"I have personally and professionally benefited from reading and applying practical information of the 1st edition of Save Your Hands! I am still amazed at how much more there is to learn about self-care, ergonomics, injury prevention, conditioning and once again applying the knowledge to my Massage Therapy practice, hence my review of the 2nd Edition . . . a thorough reference and practical guide for practitioners both new and well-seasoned in their therapy career. After reading the book, I know that I have a well-researched, solid manual to turn to as a reference to support my health throughout the continuation of my career."
Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy
"The 2 authors bring well-rounded knowledge to this topic. They represent practical experience in the fields discussed, personal experience with pain and injury, and professional experience working in injury prevention and ergonomics. This text presents a practical, comprehensive, and easy-to-understand approach to injury prevention and ergonomics as it specifically relates to the work done by health practitioners who perform manual treatment techniques. (The book) fully addresses the ergonomic issues associated with risk factors and strategies used to reduce the risk, and refreshingly discusses some topics that are often overlooked, such as the emotional toll this work can take on the practitioners. The authors have succeeded in providing a well-thought-out and practical guide that manual therapists will find useful. The book will be useful for students, those already in the field, those dealing with some of the common musculoskeletal injuries discussed, and those who teach. This inexpensive softcover book is a good investment. Any professional who does hands-on treatment should have it on the shelf."
Washington Massage Journal
"This book is the 2nd edition of the definitive self-care manual from Greene and Goggins. This comprehensive guide is very helpful in defining the root causes of common orthopedic injuries suffered by massage therapists. It deals with everything from finding a neutral posture to grappling with tricky emotional issues, creating a positive work environment, healthy breathing, and even outlines physical conditioning routines meant specifically for massage therapists. The book is engaging and easy to use, particularly as a reference tool. It is so comprehensive that, while you may already have excellent habits as a therapist, many of its topics may still be new to you. Just as it is important to have as many references as possible at your fingertips when helping your clients, so it is to have a similar guide for taking care of yourself."
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
"Save Your Hands! offers guidance focused to a specific group of healthcare practitioners at particular risk for upper extremity cumulative injuries. This book provides helpful, clear recommendations about some of the ways that manual therapists can prevent injury. The inclusion of many photographs and illustrations in this book helps therapists to recognize the sorts of "bad" working postures likely to lead to injury. For example, medical center personnel may find it a useful source of information to better understand the hazards awaiting various groups of hospital-based therapists. It would almost certainly be useful reading for trainees pursuing manual therapy careers."
Vitality Magazine (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology)
"Each and every section of this book contains valuable information to protect a manual therapist's long-term profession against injury. Throughout the book there are tables to refer to for useful facts as well as clear diagrams, photos and images to aid the reader to visualize the information carefully. (Save Your Hands!) would be fantastic as a course book for training purposes to widen knowledge. I think that Save Your Hands! would be the perfect book for anyone in the manual therapy industry who wants to work smarter."
Doody’s Review Service
Reviewer: Chris Hughes, PT, PhD, OCS, CSCS (Slippery Rock University) Score: 88 out of 100
Purpose: The purpose is to educate readers about work-related musculoskeletal injury, specifically manual therapists and massage therapists who are most vulnerable to overuse injuries of the hands and other joint structures while rendering patient/client care. Given the injury risk in these professions, the authors' objectives appear valid. Audience: The book is primarily written for manual therapists, which includes both massage therapists and physical therapists, who are engaged in hands-on manual procedures for patient treatment. Both students in training and experienced practitioners can benefit from this information. Features: The first of the book's three main parts cites personal and occupational risk factors and ends with a risk worksheet for readers to personally assess injury risk. Part two reviews ergonomic strategies to reduce worker risk. The authors discuss not only work environment risk but also body mechanics and injury prevention outside of the workplace, placing a strong emphasis on overall wellness. Part three discusses injury treatment and recovery. Injuries common to manual therapists are discussed in detail in this well organized section. Numerous tables and highlighted boxes appear throughout the book and the information is clearly written. Nine of the 17 chapters are referenced and a three-page bibliography citing non-peer reviewed and peer reviewed references precedes the index. Overall, the book is a nice overview of generally accepted ergonomic principles and practices. Assessment: This topic is unique and the authors have done a nice job of compiling information that usually is not presented in one source. The book can serve as a comprehensive resource for therapists who themselves need to be reminded of their own health while trying to restore patient health.
Occupational Health Physiotherapy:
The Journal of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Occupational Health and Ergonomics, UK, November 2008
"This is a good book to read early on in your career, as it is packed full of tips that should save a lot of discomfort. It would also be a useful book for those involved in producing training materials, as complex topics are covered in very simple and effective terms . . . I wish that I could have read it 21 years ago when I was starting out in my career."


Lucy Liben, MS, LMT, Dean for Massage Therapy, Swedish Institute of Health Sciences, New York City
"We've used Save Your Hands! in our program for many years. This expanded edition contains a wealth of accessible and well-illustrated career-extending, even career-saving, knowledge and advice regarding injury prevention strategies, ergonomics, conditioning, and other topics of critical importance for students and practitioners of massage therapy."
Emil Pascarelli, MD, author, Dr. Pascarelli's Complete Guide to Repetitive Strain Injury, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Medicine, Columbia University
"I feel Save Your Hands! is an excellent work that should be required reading for every manual therapist, in or out of training. Furthermore, I think many other professionals including physicians, nurses, chiropractors, DOs and others ought to be familiar with its contents. I wholeheartedly endorse the book - it is a unique and valuable resource."
Jeff Lau, PT, DPT, OCS, CMPT, Program Director, PTA program, Provo College, Utah
“Save Your Hands! provides excellent practical suggestions for improving safety of the provision of manual therapy services. The authors have been thoughtful and comprehensive in their approach and provide valuable information to the practitioner regarding how to protect themselves from injury, how to deal with injury if it does occur, and how to extend the time that they will be able to provide manual therapy services to their patients and clients."
David Marquart, CMT, Corporate Director of Massage Therapy Programs, Centura College
“At Centura College, Save Your Hands! has always been and continues to be the textbook of choice for our Injury Prevention course. Graduates of our college frequently remark that Save Your Hands! is one of their most valued reference and resource texts. This book provides the essential foundations necessary for good body mechanics, prevention of injury, and massage therapy ergonomics. I highly recommend this book for every aspiring manual therapist!”
Leon Chaitow, ND, DO, Honorary Fellow, University of Westminster, London
"Whether massaging, manipulating, mobilizing or palpating, the hands and their support systems are vital and precious, and yet, because of lack of awareness of ergonomics, poor posture and inappropriate use of the self, they all too often suffer wear and tear, overuse and misuse. The book provides clear descriptions, choices and methods. If the well-presented advice it contains is taken, that will allow practitioners and manual therapists to perform their work safely and effectively throughout their professional lives. Quite simply, the book is excellently conceived and constructed, and is very well presented, and I highly recommend it."
Renee F. Gladieux, The Pressure Positive Company
"Save Your Hands! 2nd Edition is by far the most knowledgably written, fully researched and richly illustrated book available on the subject of manual therapist injury prevention. Educators who effectively incorporate this well organized text and its supporting materials into their manual therapy curriculum can be assured that they are producing supremely well equipped therapists who will enjoy a life long and productive profession in the healing arts.”
Steve Cappelini, LMT, spa educator and author of Massage Therapy Career Guide, The Royal Treatment and Massage for Dummies
"If this book does not help you prevent injuries as a manual therapist, nothing will. I was especially gratified to see the new section on injury prevention in the spa setting. As one of the largest employers of manual therapists worldwide, the spa industry has unfortunately experienced many such injuries. If the advice in this volume were practiced industry-wide, it would save untold suffering, prolong thousands of careers and save spas a bundle in the bargain. Well done."
Deborah Quilter, author, teacher & consultant, The Repetitive Strain Injury Recovery Book and Repetitive Strain Injury: A Computer User's Guide
"Anyone who plans a career in manual therapy should read Save Your Hands! first. Greene and Goggins' comprehensive book offers invaluable voice-of-experience advice about everything from choosing a table to neutral working postures and dealing with job-related pressures. Loaded with useful information, this book will prove a lifesaver for those looking for answers to hand and arm pain, and should be required reading in manual therapy training courses."
Mary McDaniel, LMT, Academic Director, Cumberland Institute of Holistic Therapies
"Save Your Hands! has been a required textbook in our core curriculum for nearly a decade. The 2nd Edition brilliantly incorporates practical techniques for preventing and treating injuries with the added awareness of how emotional factors play into our ability to work safely and keep good boundaries. It is a "must read" for all massage students and practicing therapists to ensure injury-free longevity in their field."
Leslie A. Young, PhD, Editor-in-Chief, Massage & Bodywork Magazine, VP Communication, ABMP
"The second edition of Save Your Hands! is even more comprehensive than the first. The text benefits richly from Greene’s dedication to the subject over the last decade as well as the wisdom of co-author Richard W. Goggins, massage therapist and ergonomics expert. Save Your Hands! reflects the complexity of the issue and underscores to therapists that ergonomics, self-care, and attention to psychological factors are implicit priorities. Students as well as seasoned practitioners will do well by arming themselves with insights from this thorough, well-organized, and well-illustrated text."
Ashlee Esplen, PTA, MS, CMT, Associate Professor, ACCE PTA Program, Massage Therapy Program Coordinator, Butler County Community College, Pennsylvania
"As a practicing physical therapist assistant (PTA) and certified massage therapist, and a teacher of both professions, Save Your Hands! has given me new knowledge of prevention and many practical tips. I recommend to each of my PTA and massage therapy students to invest in this book and add it to their tool box. The book's illustration of correct and incorrect body mechanics along with the easy to read text that includes accessible captions, sidebars, and headings is an excellent resource for both the novice and the experienced manual therapist."
Dawn M. Schmidt, LMP, Director of Education, Cortiva Institute – Seattle
"Great work on this second edition! I found the revised version very easy to access and very informative. I value the organization and appreciate the reflective tone and positive approach to the topic of caring for the most valuable tools of the manual therapist. I especially appreciate the addition of physical conditioning, as it is a place where many practitioners do not attend to their self care and development. Bravo!"
Karen Ball, NBCR, LMT, CAP, Director, Academy of Ancient Reflexology
"Save Your Hands! 2nd Edition is a lifesaver for reflexologists and massage therapists. Reading this book, I was reminded of how physical our profession is, and like an elite athlete, the importance of caring for our precious bodies! I really liked the practical suggestions and self-care in this book, along with the great illustrations, photos and easy-to-read charts. Even a 27-year veteran like myself learned a lot!"
Nancy Dail, BA, LMT, NCTMB, Director, Downeast School of Massage, Maine
"Self-care is a basic premise for remaining in any hands-on profession. Save Your Hands! is a necessary component to the curriculum for massage therapists and other healthcare occupations involving repetitive movements, that must include body mechanics training and safety education. DSM has required this book for our Introduction to Self-care and Professional Development course for many years. We look forward to the new edition and its additional contributions. Well done!"
Patty McCord, PT, OCS, FAAOMPT, Evergreen Physical Therapy Specialists, PC
"Taking care of ourselves while we care for others is a high priority! Your book offers an excellent overview of the issues related to MSDs, and how the treating clinician can work on self-awareness and self-modulation of positions and forces during patient/client care. I think it is a well-rounded look at ourselves and our environment, to keep us working in a healthy manner, i.e., to practice what we teach."
Ariana Vincent, LMT, MTI, NCTMB, Ariana Institute of Continuing Education
"I love Lauriann's book Save Your Hands! and recommend it wholeheartedly to my massage therapy students. It seems to me that when we follow the suggestions offered in this book, we are embracing good health on many levels, in ways that will reward us for years to come . . . It certainly has raised my awareness and deepened my mindful attention to ergonomics and lifestyle factors that, directly or indirectly, have a beneficial long term effect on my good health."
Victoria Stone, NCMT, Academic Director/Instructor, Blue Ridge School of Massage & Yoga, Virginia
"The new Save Your Hands! is more comprehensive and detailed than Greene's earlier version, with improved graphics and a substantially enlarged exercise and conditioning section for those who have the foresight to heed the authors' advice for the prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders. This book should at the very least be in the hands of all instructors and administrators of manual therapy schools. Students need this kind of information to prepare for long and discomfort-free careers. With the rise in training in mat-based modalities like Thai massage, information on body mechanics in that context is a valuable addition."
Martin Ashley, LMT, Author, Massage: A Career at Your Fingertips
"Save your back, your wrists, your psyche, your career. The authors have provided all bodyworkers with important information on biomechanics, ergonomics, self-care, injury assessment, and remedies. This book is destined to become an essential textbook for serious bodyworkers and an invaluable resource for those who learn and utilize its information and guidance."
Sheila Yakobina, OTR/L, CHT and Stephanie Yakobina, OTR/L, CHT
"This book is an invaluable resource for all manual therapists. From novice to expert, it is never too late to step back, evaluate your manual techniques, and incorporate changes that will prolong your career. It's not often that a book comes along that encourages you to take care of yourself so you can help others!"
Joyce Colahan, LMT, Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork, Massachusetts
"I'm the Massage One instructor at the Palmer Institute and think your 2nd edition is fabulous. I always have recommended your first book to all my beginning students and will highly recommend this one as well."
Tamara Calhoon, NCTMB, Instructor, Health Works Institute, Montana
"This is a great book! I think all of our hands-on teachers should use this book, so they can demonstrate correct injury prevention throughout our program."

Praise from Therapists

Annie Moore, LMT, NCTMB
“Thanks you so much for writing Save Your Hands! It has been a career saver to me!”
Jenna Laitinen, LMT
"Your book has been such a big help to me and has helped me in my practice to realize I was putting a lot of unnecessary stress on my body, and I'm now able to be more conscience about what I'm doing."
Suzanne Matlosz, Arizona School of Massage Therapy
"I'm still a student, and I want to start in the right direction as I intend to be working on the job for many years to come. I ordered the book "Save Your Hands" shortly after starting school and am very glad I have a fantastic product that should be required reading for every new massage therapy student!"
Linda Williams, LMT
"Read your book last year and continue to use the info daily. In school, 9 years ago, we learned all the proper body mechanics etc. but over time we all become lax now and then. An excellent reminder, concise and well presented."
Annamae Beal, LMT, CR
"I just wanted to say thank you and you may have just saved my career. I have been licensed for only a year and was afraid that I wouldn't be able to make a career of massage. Unfortunately the school I attended was very poor on many levels . . . after a year of "doing it wrong" I have been in horrible pain and ended up terribly disappointed. That is until I ordered your book! In one month I am feeling better, learning healthier techniques, giving better massages and I see a promising future. I feel every massage school should make this book part of their curriculum."
Jane N. McCormick, LMT, Chelsea, MI
"There's a lot of excellent information in the book and it's evident that it will be useful as a resource for years to come. It has already been helpful with my own pain issues."

About the 10 CE Course: Injury Prevention & Ergonomics for Massage Therapists

Rosemary Chunco, LMT, MTI, MSc., Plano, TX
“Completing this course made me analyze my work environment, ergonomics and my level of self-care. It enabled me to make changes that I know will help prolong my career significantly. Every therapist, experienced or new, will benefit from the vital information in this course.”
Tammy Lippa, RMT, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
"Easy to use, easy to understand, very helpful in the work environment! Excellent +!"
Laura McGuffey, LMT
"This course must be mandatory for all massage therapists. Having a career for over 20 years in this business I have had my ups and downs with almost every issue brought up in this course. It is vital that Massage Therapists, Schools, and any manual therapist or occupations associated with MT use this material to extend their careers."